The Benefits of Landscape Design

Great Landscapes Begin With Great Plans

Our team of landscape architects, designers and horticulturists strive to create functional and beautiful spaces that complement the unique landscape and climate of Newfoundland and Labrador.

We believe the design process should be about collaboration. We work directly with our clients and communities and engage them in the creative process from the very beginning to ensure the final product meets their goals, objectives and overall vision.

For each project we carefully consider how the existing environmental conditions such as sun, wind, precipitation, topography, soils and vegetation will influence our design decisions and impact the final design. 

For us, every project presents an opportunity for us to engage with people, connect with nature and work collaboratively on the shared goal of creating meaningful and memorial landscapes. 

Landscape Design

Residential Design

Landscape Master Planning

Urban Design

Commercial Design

Site Planning

Public Properties

Park & Recreational Planning

Land Development Planning

Conceptual Planning

Consultation Coordination

Permit Applications

Concept Development

Development Plan

Program Development

Preliminary Cost Estimates

Master Planning

Advisory & Administration

Report Preparation

Site Inspections

Contract Document Preparation

Site Analysis

Tender Support

Working Drawings

Final Approval

Consultation & Advice


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