Forage Tours Available!

Our tour usually begins with you and your group meeting in the garden centre / cafe. Here you will meet your tour guide Shawn Dawson.  

Shawn will guide you and your group through our vegetable farms and into the backwoods of Murray’s Meadows Farm. During your tour you will stop and learn about the foraged goods you come across along the way. The hike portion usually takes between 60-90mins.

The tour concludes with a campfire style tasting of flatbreads cooked over the hot coals along with possible spreads, pickles, salads that are made using foraged ingredients. A foraged sweet treat and refreshment is included as well.

Note: In the event of rain the tour will still goes ahead but the tasting after the tour will be done inside The Grounds Cafe and not outside by campfire.

Your Tour Guide:

The Forager's Dinner: Finding, harvesting, and preparing Newfoundland &  Labrador's edible plants | Boulder Books | Canadian Publishing Company
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