Private Events

Flat Room Rental Fee

This option is great if you are looking for a space to host an event where guests will be able to move freely around and mingle. Guests are free to use the whole space and all of its amenities. Food platters can also be order for this event which are purchased and laid out for your guests ahead of time. The platter options shown in more detail below include items such as The Grounds Platter, cheese board, crudités, and a sweets platter. The flat rate to rent out the café is $250 Per Hour with a minimum fee of $1000.00. This rate offering is outside of regular cafe hours (Cafe Hours 10am-3pm). Rental periods and bar closure must be no later than 12am for our premises.

Greenhouse Rental

Greenhouses are available to rent but are only available during certain times of the year. (Mid-August – December 21st). Greenhouses are available for rent during the day or evening. There is no built-in lighting for greenhouses, however electrical outlets are available. The cost to rent a greenhouse is $500 for a day of use. This would be for an empty heated greenhouse. It is on the organizer to put together seating layout/rental and decorations within the greenhouse if required. Once rental period ends it is on the renter to restore greenhouse back to its original condition. Greenhouse dimensions are 96ft long x 30ft wide. 

Note: Greenhouses are exposed to weather related events. We are not responsible for uncontrolled acts of nature such as rain or high winds that may change the atmosphere of the greenhouse setting. If weather conditions become too severe, we as the venue owners have the right to cancel the event for the safety and protection of our staff and customers.

Deposit/Cancellation policy

Should you opt to pay the Room Rental fee, the entirety of that fee is due upfront to secure the booking and is non-refundable. You may pay this deposit by cash, cheque, EMT or credit card (2% fee for credit card deposits). The date is not considered yours until the deposit has been paid. If you must cancel your event for reasons of your own and the cafe is able to host the event, the deposit will not be refunded. If your event is cancelled on our behalf (COVID, closure of the cafe for snowstorm, etc.) we will refund your deposit with the exception of a 10% admin fee. Please note that an optional 15% gratuity fee is recommended on all pricing.


The Grounds does not offer decorating services: decorating and clean-up in the space for an event are the responsibility of the organizer. Decorations may only be adhered to the walls using paint-safe tape—no tacks, screws, or nails. Clean-up must take place at the end of the event, unless otherwise discussed. Please be sure to communicate the time necessary for decorating as the space is not available for use until the agreed start time.

Tables and chairs offered are as seen in the café. This layout is free to change and move around to the client’s preference if needed. Available seating is approx. 50 people. If customer requires more seating, they are welcome to order rental of tables and chairs however the order and set up of these items is the responsibility of the client or third-party decorator/planner. Capacity of the café is 100 people.

Bar Offerings

Our bar offers draft beer options from Quidi Vidi Brewing Co. Wine, and cocktails can also be available upon request. . Wines by-the-glass start at $8 but can range higher depending on special requests. Options for sparkling, white, red, and rosé available. Requests for classic liquor options—vodka, gin, whiskey, rum, and tequila can be fulfilled upon request, signature cocktails available upon request. All alcohol served or consumed at The Grounds Cafe must be purchased by the venue, as per our NLC license. 

We offer bar service in a number of different arrangements: 

  1. Tab Service: each guest may pay or start a tab at the bar and is responsible for their own bill. In this case, should the total sold fail to meet the minimum spend, the organizer is responsible for the difference. 
  2. Drink Tickets: The organizer may decide to give out drink tickets which allow guests to have a certain number of drinks on them. A bar tab will be started by the bartender and the cost of each drink served with a drink ticket will be populated on that tab, which the organizer will pay at the end of the event. Drink tickets can be provided by the brewery, or organizers may bring their own.
  3. Open Bar: All beverages consumed at the event will go all on one tab and be paid by the organizer at the end of the event. 
  4. Limited Open Bar: Allows guests to drink free of charge with limitations on the bar. These limitations may describe which drinks may be applied to the organizer’s tab (for example: beer only, no wine or liquor) or may be capped at a certain dollar amount at the organizer’s discretion. 

Please note bar set up with bartenders requires a minimum spend of  $20.00 per person starting at a $1000.00 minimum

Food and Catering

Please view menu below as an example of the style of food and service we provide. 

Please note that we require food to be pre-ordered and placed one weeks before the start of the event. No additional items can be ordered during the event.

If guest wishes to supply their own food from a third-party catering company, they may do so. However, all third-party catering companies must first be introduced to The Grounds Café to ensure quality and safe work practices are met within our facility and they must restore the kitchen back to it original order as it was when they arrived.

The prices listed below are on a per person basis. We ask that you have a minimum order quantity of 10 people per each menu selection.


 A variety of cheese, cured meats and house made crackers with preserved jams and pickles



Veggies harvested right here at The Grounds farm with hummus and dressings for dipping 


 Lunch Platter

 A selection of our popular lunch items such as quiche, ham & cheese on a country biscuit, and seasonal selection of savory baked goods


 Sweets Platter

 A mix of our fresh baked desserts laid out in bite sized pieces. Vegan and Gluten Free Options Available



Tea and coffee with sugars, milk, cream and dairy alternatives if requested. This is a self serve station if bar is not required.

Take out is not available for this option.


If you have any questions or would like to book our venue for your next special event please email us at

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