Caring For Your Christmas Tree

Caring for your Christmas Tree
A natural, fresh cut Christmas tree brings a special feel to Christmas. Bringing nature into your home in the form of a fresh Christmas tree adds a wonderful fragrance, and a natural texture to the look of your tree. There are several tips to help your tree last longer and look beautiful throughout the entire Christmas season.
• When you buy your Christmas tree, look for an established, reputable grower or retailer.
• Store it in a cool, sheltered spot, from 5-100 C, and away from wind and snow.
• Before setting it up, make a fresh cut across the butt, removing approximately 1” or more.
• Use a sturdy stand that holds plenty of water.
• Make sure your tree does not run out of water over Christmas. It will use approximately 4-6 cups of water in a week, depending on the air movement and temperature in your home.
• Keep the tree away from direct heat sources and hot air ducts.
• Added freshness can be achieved by using Cut Flower Preservative in the water for your tree. You can make your own preservative by adding 0.5 cup sugar and 2 tablespoons of bleach to 1 gallon water.
• Use CSA approved lights, and unplug when you’re not there.

Using your Tree after Christmas
• Place it in the garden for a bird feeder and shelter.
• The branches may be removed and used as mulch in your garden.
• The trunk may be used as fuel or chopped for mulch.
• Branch tips and needles provide aromatic stuffing for sachets.

Enjoy the beauty and fragrance of your fresh cut evergreen tree, and have a Merry Christmas.