Water Gardens – Algae in the Pool

Water Gardens – Algae in the Pool
Newly planted pools, as well as established pools, early in the season, provide ideal conditions for the growth of suspended algae, causing green, murky water. This is a completely natural occurrence and is not harmful to plants or fish.

Contributing Factors
• Sunlight: when plant growth is not yet sufficient to provide shade.
• Warm Water: resulting from inadequate plant cover and / or shallow water.
• Dissolved Nutrient: present in the water, providing food upon which the algae thrives.

• Be patient. Allow the pool time to achieve a natural ecological balance between plant life, nutrients, light and temperature. Once the plants start to grow, they will filter the sunlight, thus providing shade and lowering water temperature. In addition, these plants will consume excess nutrients in the water.
• Do not change the water. This merely provides a fresh supply of dissolved minerals for the algae to feed upon, and thus prolongs the time for a natural clearing to take place. Further, sudden temperature change places stress upon the plants as well as fish.
• Do not add chemicals. This will create artificially clear water which may become green again as chemicals lose their effectiveness. Most important, any chemical that will kill algae, a simple form of plant life, is likely to hinder the growth of more desirable aquatics such as lilies and plants. Improper dosage can result in the loss of all plants and even fish.
• Be sure you have sufficient plants for a balanced pool. Oxygenating plants, besides providing O2, do a great deal to absorb excess dissolved nutrients. We recommend 1 bunch for 2-3 sq. ft. of surface area. Larger,deeper pools require less. Elodea and Hornwort are hardy oxygenating plants.
• Add water hyacinths, water lettuce and hardy waterlilies to provide shade, use up nutrients and provide cover for fish.
• A good supply of snails and/or a pool sweep will help to remove slime and accumulated debris, thus keeping water clear.
• We firmly believe that an ecologically balanced pool will provide more profuse growth and bloom, thus giving the water gardener more pleasure and satisfaction for his efforts. Be patient and prepare to sit back and enjoy a summer full of healthy, exotic flowers and lively fish